A line of subheading text Wildlife We have a great variety and quantity of birds, including a pied flycatcher which uses a nest box just outside the back door! Tawny Owls nest in the oak woodland and for a few weeks this year, decided to use the ‘donkey barn’ during the day. Barn Owls fly over our fields, but nest on a neighbour’s land. We believe Sparrowhawks nest in our fields, but we have never found the nest. Kites, Buzzards and Peregrines nest locally. The lake is home to Canada Geese in the breeding season, moorhens, mallard ducks and water rails. We have foxes, badgers, rabbits and hares using the garden and fields, plus the usual small mammals – voles, shrews, moles, mice and weasels. We believe otters visit the lake as spraints have  been found.  There aren’t any fish in the lake as far as we know, but loads of frogs. This winter we have even had the water rails and moorhens visiting the ground beneath the bird feeders! Private Nature Reserve © 2018 Nature on your doorstep